Background: Suture lateralization was first described by Kirchner in 1979 via endoscopic technique.  In 1984, Lichtenberger introduced a special endo-extralaryngeal needle carrier for endo-extralaryngeal technique. Percutaneous suture lateralization was illustrated initially via the Lasso Technique. In addition, Howell et al found the same technique can be adopted for stent placement. The objectives of the study are reviewing and comparing the published suture lateralization by the addressing indication, the technique, the type of used suture, the anesthetic technique, and their impacts on the outcomes (voice, swallowing, need of revision, vocal cord mobilities). Methods: A systemic review & Meta analysis study. All published studies examining/addressing our objectives “outcomes of suture lateralization” reviewed including all experimental and observational studies. Information sources: Database: PubMed, Web of Science, Cochrane Library, and Embase databases, In addition to studies’ references were reviewed, all studies included till Feb 2024. 

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